Recover Women

An Online Video Series For Women Whose Husbands Can’t – Or Won’t – Stop Looking At Pornography



What is Recover for Women?

Quite simply, Recover For Women is a video series where you’ll have the opportunity to join other women in community, work through course materials, and learn how to navigate the murky waters that being the wife of a pornography user can be.



You’ve never been more understood than right now.



Why Recover Women?

Recover for Women is an opportunity not only to learn how to help your husband move past his use of pornography, but to be understood and helped by other women who have experienced what it’s like to live through the same circumstances.

This video series includes ten sessions from women who will help you walk through everything from your husband’s unfaithfulness, to what do to if he relapses, to how to practice self-care in the process of rebuilding your life together.

You’ll be mailed an accompanying book – Recovered By Hope – along with a personalized, therapeutic and interactive workbook to help you journal, walk through and understand your story.

Finally, you’ll be given access to one month of our Small Groups Online, where you’ll be able to connect with other women who know exactly what you’re going through because they are, too. In these groups, we’re able to come alongside one another and encourage one another on the journey. You are not alone, and Small Groups Online gives you the opportunity to experience connection and community with other women participating in Recover.

“I’ve just received the Recover workshop and watched Craig’s intro video. I’m in tears. I believe these materials will touch couples’ lives in profound and life-changing ways. Thank you for all the time and energy you’ve invested in this project. I’m eager to promote it and beyond thrilled to be part of sharing these tools to help men and women find community, hope, and healing on their individual journeys.” KIM B.
“Recover will benefit any woman: married, engaged, dating, single – mothers, sisters, friends. Although the circumstances are different, each woman in this workshop shared early red flags that should be recognized, and that we would do well to pay attention to. What heartache could be spared so many of us if this were a part of pre-marital counseling!” ANNE T.
"These videos were so helpful and healing for me! I could hear all my thoughts in these brave women who are sharing from such a painful place. I could hear the pearls that they have found in the pain. Their vulnerability and tears brought hope to me! It has been a long, hard, lonely and painful journey. This was a priceless answer to heart-wrenching prayers!" TERIE

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is Recover for Women for?

    Recover for Woman is for any woman who has been affected by sexual betrayal— whether she is married or committed to a man who is struggling with pornography addiction or he is visiting strip clubs, massage parlors or has had an extramarital affair.

    There is something incredibly comforting when you realize someone else understands you — the good, the bad and the ugly. Recover for Women is led by women who have been right where you are.  Women who will share how they went from feeling hopeless, defeated and confused to knowing healing, restoration, and joy.

  • Why Recover? Isn't this his problem?

    The secret and hidden things he has done are his problems to deal with and work on.  The effects of betrayal create a plethora of ripple down effects for the woman who loves him.  Secrets and repetitive lies lead to a breakdown in trust and often leave the woman feeling confused, angry, and even depressed.  Your feelings and your responses to the pain have now become something you are struggling with.  Recover for Women will help guide you to a path of healing and recovery for yourself while equipping you to walk alongside the man you love.

  • Is Recover only for Christians?

    While we are a Christian organization and the women who filmed Recover are all Christians— we know that the truths of this program are true across the board regardless of what religion or lack of that you embrace.  We believe you will benefit tremendously from the practical tools that will equip you on the road to recovery.

  • Marriage and Pornography

    Pornography represents one of the most insidious attacks upon the sanctity of marriage and the goodness of sex within the one-flesh relationship. The consumption of pornography gives men and women unrealistic ideas of what sex in the marriage should be like.

    Contrary to the very biblical basis of marriage, the use of pornography focuses on self-gratification and pleasure and can result in a lack of true intimacy between husband and wife.


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