Recover Men

An Online Video Series For Men Struggling With Pornography Use and Sexual Sin



What is Recover for Men?

Recover For Men is an online video series that includes all of the tools you need to end pornography use once and for all. In it, we lead men through our Sexual Sobriety Map: a clear explanation of the recovery process as we move from “unwanted sexual behavior” to the life God has planned for us.



This may be the exact thing you need to finally break free from pornography use and sexual sin.



Why Recover for Men?

Recover for Men is a complete recovery toolkit that offers you the ease and convenience of online access and learning.

You’ll receive access to fifteen videos facilitated by a guy who’s been right where you are. He shares his honest and relatable testimony and gives practical instructions to help you take the steps necessary for discovering true freedom.

You’ll receive a downloadable book and workbook – each filled with accountability tools and guidance to help you put pornography in the past… and leave it there.

Finally, you’ll be given four free sessions – a full month’s worth – of our Small Groups Online. These safe and confidential online groups are the perfect place to meet other men who are facing the same challenges – and discovering the same freedom – that you are. As people who are well aware of what temptations wait for us when we are isolated from others, we believe that progress is most effective in community, where we can be honest about our struggles, hold one another accountable, and help each other experience freedom.

You aren’t alone in your struggle, and you don’t have to struggle forever. Join other men who understand what you’re going through at Recover.

“The Recover for Men workshop is excellent. It was so nice to be able to go through the program. My wife went through part of it with me and she loved the fact that the speaker was saying things to me that she wanted to, but didn't feel like she could.” JOHN
“I just want to say thanks for helping me understand my addiction! Now I am looking for the words to let my wife know how sorry I am.” JOEL
"I am happy and proud to say I did finish the course. I have been free of sexual sin for over a month now and I can see my life heading in a better direction. I know there is a lot of damage to live down, but at least I know I'm in a place where I can do it with integrity. I would absolutely recommend this to a friend in need." KEVIN

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is Recover for Men for?

    The spouse. The pastor. The friend. The parent. Or maybe you, the man who wants to regain control of his life.

    This online video series will equip you with a strong knowledge of the issues surrounding pornography and sexual addiction and give you insight into the nature of sexual temptation. Once you complete the course, you will be able to win the struggle with sexual temptation and maintain your sexual purity and freedom.

  • Sex Addiction vs Porn Addiction?

    Far and away the largest subset of people who are dealing with sexual addiction is dealing specifically with Internet pornography addiction. The Internet has brought many, many good things to our lives–but it has also enabled the anonymous, always-on, and affordable (often free) access to pornography.The Internet has created a wave of pornography addicts with its pervasive porn delivery mechanisms.

    It is time to truly help yourself by starting the Recover for Men program right now. Putting it off means going deeper into your spiral of struggle, guilt, and emptiness.

  • What about masturbation?

    There are many different viewpoints surrounding the impact of masturbation – is it healthy or harmful?

    Studies have shown that ninety-nine percent of all masturbation involves lust and mental fantasy, which disconnects you from real relationships with real people.

    Recover for Men can help you conquer habitual masturbation–even masturbation addiction.

  • Marriage and Pornography

    Pornography represents one of the most insidious attacks upon the sanctity of marriage and the goodness of sex within the one-flesh relationship. The consumption of pornography gives men and women unrealistic ideas of what sex in the marriage should be like.

    Contrary to the very biblical basis of marriage, the use of pornography focuses on self-gratification and pleasure and can result in a lack of true intimacy between husband and wife.


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