Help You Move From Brokenness and Isolation Into Healing Through Healthy Relationships and Group Support.


There is something incredibly comforting when you realize someone understands you — the good, the bad and the ugly.

You no longer have to feel judged or misunderstood.

Connect with women just like you. Who are walking the same path you are, who are using the same Recover materials as you.

“I’ve just received the Recover workshop and watched Craig’s intro video. I’m in tears. I believe these materials will touch spouses' lives in profound and life-changing ways. Thank you for all the time and energy you’ve invested in this project. I’m eager to promote it and beyond thrilled to be part of sharing these tools to help women find companionship, hope, and healing on their individual journeys.”

Kim B.

"This series is thoughtful, well laid out and tackles many of the challenges women face being married to a sex addict. Gone are the days when the spouse is misunderstood. This workshop challenges women to discover who they are in the midst of uncertainty while leaving them filled with hope and new possibilities."


"Recover helped me get past the pain of my husband’s porn addiction and showed me a better way to find personal healing. I always thought I was alone in this … that there was something wrong with me. But now I know the truth, and this workshop has shown me a clear path to my own personal recovery."


"The Recover videos are beautiful, poignant, real, touching, heartbreaking ... and will be such a tremendous help and gift and comfort to any women walking that painful path. I have cried during each video thus far, and that is a good thing because it stirred up memories and tremendous compassion for ladies still in the midst. ... it's so gentle yet so raw and so real."




RECOVER GROUPS are what you need to maximize your Recover experience.

Recover online groups meet through a video chat portal that connect you to women just like you. Women who are learning to walk this new path and who want to encourage and inspire one another on the journey. It’s a group of women who are using the same Recover materials as you. You meet together online every week with a trained Recover Group Leader. It’s completely safe and confidential and will take your Recover experience to the next level.

Pick your group. Pick your time. Share your hurts. Experience individual recovery.



There’s nothing like the power of groups meeting together, and there’s also nothing like the Recover groups out there. An online small group that is built around the Recover curriculum.


You can keep trying to do things your way, but in order to have a different outcome, you’ve got to take different steps. You came here for a reason — trust that.

You can keep going through this alone and keep isolating yourself and keep feeling anger, hurt, resentment and hopelessness.

Or you can finally find a place of peace that comes from putting the Recover experience to its fullest potential. Walking alongside other women just like you, who are all going through the same Recover material as you – there’s nothing like it. It’s powerful. It’s inspiring. It’s what you need, and it will change your life for the better. Learn a new way to live with joy and peace not dependent on anyone else’s success or failure.

Your first 4 sessions of Recover Small Groups are included with the purchase of the Recover Workshop however if you wish to join a Recover Small Group without buying the workshop you can sign up for that HERE.



*If you are interested in leading a Recover Group please apply HERE.