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“This was the start of a new beginning for our marriage – a turnaround and a rebuilding. We are now stronger than we have ever been.”

Is it even possible to get out of the prison that pornography has become in your life? In your marriage? What if your wife was your single object of desire, and what if she knew that you meant it when you told her it was true? What would it be, not only to experience sobriety, but to experience a day without the weight of white-knuckling your way through the temptation – and the shame of giving in – consuming your mind?

Recover For Men is an opportunity to move through and past the places that keep you from experiencing the fullness of life, and love, and – frankly – the thrill of sex as it was meant to be. At the end of the day, your progress is your decision, and whether it’s pornography, masturbation or another vice that entangles you, this video series is a tool that will help you experience freedom in your life, intimacy in your marriage, and confidence in the future of the family you’re creating.



Your husband broke your trust… again. Maybe the first time left your head spinning. Maybe the second left you angry. Maybe years of white lies and half-truths have left you numb. Perhaps you’re dedicated to the marriage, but the hope of a happy, intimate relationship was lost – along with your confidence – a long time ago. Will he ever stop?

You aren’t the only one who has been lied to, and his are not the only promises left unfulfilled. You aren’t the only one who dreams of what life would be like if only he would be faithful to his vows. In this video series, we invite you to journey alongside seven women just like you, who – with no holds barred – share stories as victims of their husband’s pornography use… and the way their husbands finally changed. You are not alone, and there is still hope to experience the marriage for which you once dreamed. When you work through Recover For Women, you’ll receive the tools you need to help your husband get back to a life – and the life that you share – free from pornography.


It has been said that trust is not given, but earned. And rebuilding trust after it has been broken isn’t impossible, but it can be a slow process. Maybe you haven’t given up on your relationship. Maybe you don’t want to. Perhaps you even have hope for the marriage… but he’s still on the couch.

Whether you’re a husband who feels like you’ll never earn your way back to the bedroom, or a wife who doesn’t trust him enough to open the door, our goal in this workshop is to come alongside you both and help you pick up the shattered pieces of your marriage together. The truth is, restoration is possible. Recovering what you’ve lost is possible. Each story from the couples who have been vulnerable and bold enough to share it here is a testament to that truth. Husbands, you can be free from pornography use. Wives, you can have a faithful husband (and he can even be the one you’ve got right now). At the end of it all, we believe not only that you can recover together, but that you can thrive together, and experience a marriage marked by honesty, trust and joy… until death do you part.



Discover how couples just like you have overcome sexual sin in their marriage and are stronger and happier than ever before.



Three Easy Modules – All the tools you need to Recover Together

Recover For Men

In the Recover For Men video series, your husband will be challenged to finally set aside his pornography for good – and given the tools needed to make it happen. Through small groups working together to encourage and push one another forward, you can be certain he’ll have the accountability necessary to help him leave pornography behind for good.


Recover For Women

In Recover For Women, your wife will be surrounded by other women who know exactly what it’s like to live life alongside a husband struggling with pornography… and how it is possible to help you get back on track and experience freedom from it. Through personal testimonies, vulnerable openness and a whole lot of grace, the seven women in this workshop will help your wife learn to be there for you – and care for herself in the process.


Recover Together

Recover Together is an opportunity for the both of you – either following or in conjunction with the work you’re doing individually – to come together and work toward the ultimate goal: getting back to a place of unity, intimacy and joy with one another. Through a gracious approach to honest conversation (and, admittedly, a little bit of homework), this workshop will challenge and make room for both of you to be heard, understood and finally: restored.


What Makes Recover So Unique?

When it comes to talking about a breach of trust in a marriage – especially as it relates to sexual sin – many couples are so embarrassed by, ashamed of or at a loss for where to turn that they suffer in silence or, worse yet, succumb to poor advice that only compounds the damage. Recover is a tool created by couples just like you with a desire to see your marriage succeed.

By sharing their own stories of brokenness (and brokenheartedness) and the redemption they found by working through the pain, the workshops included in this experience act as a helping hand outstretched toward couples who want to heal. Recover addresses hard truths, refuses to minimize offenses, acknowledges legitimate hurts, and gives you clearly defined steps on the journey toward a restored, healthy marriage.

“Finding out about a spouse’s pornography addiction is a painful and – too often – very lonely time. Recover is an opportunity to interact with other couples going through the same struggles. For me, the online community I found through XXXchurch was a lifeline in one of my darkest times. Women spoke life and encouragement into me and my marriage. I can never thank them enough for being a support system to me. That same community is what brought me here to share my own story and be a part of this experience.” JENNA M., RECOVER WORKSHOP PRESENTER
“Recover is – quite simply – the best resource for couples struggling through the havoc that pornography wreaks on a marriage. The men and women who created this experience have been through exactly that, and dedicated over 15 years of their lives to serving marriages in similar situations. There’s nothing else like it.” JEFF & ALYSSA BETHKE

What’s My Investment?

How painful is the look on her face when she finds out what you’ve been hiding? What kind of emotional strain is his pornography habit inflicting upon your marriage?

What happens if your sons or daughters discover their father’s secrets? How many of your days “together” are spent disconnected? How often do you long to live someone else’s life?

The truth is, staying where you are may already be costing you infinitely more than money.

“Pornography does such a powerful job of pulling couples apart and isolating us, destroying the unity that God intended for marriage to be. The goal of Recover is to bring couples back together.”



Recover Workshop

  • Recover for Men video series and workbook
  • Recover for Women video series and workbook
  • Recover Together video series and workbook
  • Private Facebook group for men and women
  • 1 month of online small groups for each of you
  • Free registration for the Recover Together Retreat


Recover Workshop




What You Save

There is nothing like Recover out there, but other comparable programs would cost you as much as $30,000.

Free Retreat

Every couple who purchases Recover is invited to attend the Recover Together Retreat September 14th-16th, 2018 for FREE. This is a $199 value and will be an amazing experience for you both. Learn more about this retreat here.

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