Every woman who has been hurt, lied to, and deceived by sexual betrayal can truly heal and feel loved, happy and whole.

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You’ve never been more understood than RIGHT NOW.

It’s time to heal from the pain of sexual betrayal.


It’s time for you to find healing and renewal – independent of your spouse’s addiction. To be uncovered is to be vulnerable and exposed – to feel stripped of something sacred. But to Recover is the essence of restoring your dignity, and your peace, and your wholeness.


Chances are you’ve been struggling through sexual betrayal by yourself – or worse, with people who cannot identify or relate because they’ve not been there. Now you can learn from the experiences of women who understand yours and provide the tools to equip you on the road to recovery.

restore your MIND.

Do you feel like you’ve been living on a rollercoaster? Where twists and turns of despair, anger, anxiety and isolation are the results of wondering how this is all going to end up? Embrace a new way of life with healing and transforming peace that isn’t dictated by your circumstances.

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“Finding out about a spouse’s pornography addiction is a painful and – too often – very lonely time. Recover is an opportunity to interact with other women going through the same struggles. For me, an online community facilitated by the director of Recover.org was a lifeline in one of my darkest times. Women spoke life and encouragement into me and my marriage. I can never thank them enough for being a support system to me. That same community is what brought me here to share my own story and be a part of Recover.”

– Jenna, recover workshop presenter

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“Recover helped me get past the pain of my husband’s porn addiction and showed me a better way to find personal healing. I always thought I was alone in this … that there was something wrong with me. But now I know the truth, and this workshop has shown me a clear path to my own personal recovery.”

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The Recover Workshop is a four-module approach to helping women recover from sexual betrayal. It starts with the relational component of stories from women just like you. It’s an interactive experience that provokes deep thought and reflection, allowing you to write your own story and be in control of your outcome. It helps you obtain healing and recovery you didn’t know was possible. The book, guidebook, ten session video curriculum + bonuses, and small groups online will change everything.

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The Videos
  • Listen in as real women boldly share their stories with honesty and transparency.
  • Be encouraged by real, unscripted in depth conversations about being married to men who have struggled with sexual addictions.
  • See how to go from discovering sexual betrayal in marriage to healing from the hurt, despair, anger and isolation that it brings.


The Book
  • A compilation of letters written to women walking through sexual betrayal from others who have been there and personally experienced the same devastation.
  • Words of encouragement on the journey to help you dispel lies and false beliefs.
  • Stories of hope and healing from real women – just like you.

The Guidebook
  • Filled with encouraging scripture and words of wisdom and hope to help you with creating boundaries and a plan of action.
  • Your catalyst for personal, in-depth reflection through challenging questions and exercises.
  • Learn how to process your circumstances, thoughts and feelings as you move toward true healing.

The Online Group
  • Talk face to face with someone in a community of like-minded women who know exactly what you’re going through.
  • Encourage and inspire one another to a life of peace and fulfillment that is independent of the choices of your spouse.
  • Reflect upon what you’ve learned with others who are sojourning with you.



YOU WANT TO BE COMPLETELY healed. YOU’VE TRIED doing this alone AND it HAS not WORKED. now is the time to truly recover.

Healing for you is possible regardless of where your significant other is on their journey.

start today

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See what life can be without being storm-tossed by the winds of a loved one’s addiction. Discover a real place of recovery where you live out the peace and fulfillment you’ve longed for – in control of your choices and emotions.

It’s available to you. That journey of restoration, peace, and freedom starts right here…

It’s Your Time to Recover.






My family is my greatest joy. I have two grown sons, a beautiful daughter-in-love, three wonderful grandchildren and a pack of rescued dogs. I love nature, the ocean, photography, and music but most of all, I love to laugh. Although my marriage did not survive my husband’s addiction, I am determined to live life without regrets. Exploring new opportunities while staying grounded in my faith knowing that every dream surrendered to God becomes something beautiful in its time.

My passion is for the broken. To build up, to encourage and to watch them flourish through the love of God who makes all things possible. My work at XXXchurch, Strip Church and now the director of Recover.org is God’s redemption in all of my story.



I am an idealist living in a world that is far from ideal. In spite of, and probably because of, that fact I have a passion for seeing people encounter and be transformed by Jesus. This issue of pornography is one I never saw coming into my marriage, but through it, we have been forever changed, and our marriage is stronger than ever.

I am so grateful to have had other women walk with me through this and am honored to be able to do the same for others. I love writing, creative arts, gardening, finding beauty in the little things, one on one talks over a good cup of coffee and seeing HOPE change the world around me. I love speaking life into others. I live in Alaska with my amazing husband and four children. We are blessed to be a part of and to serve in our life-giving church.



My name is Christina. My husband, Bernie is a pastor and we struggled for years to recover our marriage from the stronghold that pornography had on his heart and over our marriage. My journey was one marked with feelings of worthlessness and mistrust; my heart was broken….then grace stepped in. God brought me back from brokenness, from the feelings of worthlessness and mistrust, I am a woman who knows that she is loved and valued as a daughter of the King.

I am blessed to be the mom of three beautiful girls who constantly remind Bernie and myself of what life is truly about. I work as a Child Life Specialist and dream of going overseas to do full-time mission work. When I’m not doing the mom or work thing, you can find me in a good coffee shop having a “micro” date with my guy.



I’m a wife and mother of three. CEO of a non-profit organization that mentors survivors of sexual abuse and exploitation. I am a strong advocate for justice and have a passion for seeing the captives free. My husband’s pornography addiction did not define me, but pushed me to find myself. Through the hurt of betrayal, I found my purpose.

Through our nine years of struggling through my husband’s porn addiction, we have grown stronger in our marriage and as individuals in our personal walk with God. We have seen God redeem our darkest days and I believe with all my heart that the best is yet to come!

I love Jesus, and I’m passionate to share about his amazing love, grace, and his transforming power.



I am a wife, mom of two children, second-grade teacher, and a member of a local Strip Church chapter. I was raised in the church and came to know Jesus at a very young age. I enjoy exercising & have recently become hooked on obstacle course races.

I was pretty clueless about the idea of porn addiction until my husband confessed. Through XXXchurch, I was able to learn more about this addiction. It took time for my heart to heal and wished I had a group of ladies to connect with during that time. I’m thankful to say our marriage has been fully restored. I have now been able to share our journey with local women and help them find their way to a path of recovery and healing.



My husband and I live in upstate NY. We have 3 kiddos and another on the way! I’m a wife, a homeschool mom, youth leader and mentor. I live my life to make God known. I love the beach, dark chocolate covered pretzels, and lots of coffee!

I was a woman who was broken by betrayal. Today, I am a woman who has been restored and made whole by a God who healed my brokenness and redeemed my broken marriage.

I watched my husband be set free from the sin that he thought defined him. I’m a blessed woman who has walked incredibly difficult seasons in life but I serve a gracious, loving and oh so faithful God that never left my side!



I am a wife, mom, grandmother, certified partner coach, writer and an artist. I am passionate about providing women a place to tell their story where shame is removed. While struggling with so much turmoil after finding out my husband was a sex addict, I learned these many lessons on my journey: It is my life and my choice to stay or leave my marriage.

My husband’s struggles are not about me. I did not cause them and I cannot stop them. Marriages and families are worth fighting for if both parties are willing to do the deep work. Always remember that God is faithful and He is for you and your husband. Try to breathe deeply, love yourself and others, and find ways to laugh as often as possible.


My Husband Has Been Less Than Faithful

Upon the discovery of a spouse’s porn/sex addiction, many women have asked if they are to blame for their husband’s pornography/sex addiction. A range of emotions surface and trying to process them all can be difficult. Women want to know how they can keep from shutting down completely and move towards a healthier place. Stephanie and Cynthia share what helped them to stay afloat and not succumb to depression in the midst of an uncertain and emotional time in their lives.


My House Has Become a Battleground

Katie and Christina talk about the dynamics of their spouse’s addiction and how it shaped their relationship. Both women talk about the rollercoaster of emotions that came with the ebbs and flows of addiction and how they dealt with the moments of disconnect when their spouses were in full blown addiction mode. The ladies share their intentional efforts that moved them from hopelessness to restoring peace in their home.


What Does Healthy Accountability Look Like?

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive at XXXchurch from wives is “Should I be my husband’s accountability partner?” We ask that question to Cynthia and Katie in this session and both of them share that out of a desire to keep their husbands from going further down the road of addiction they became lost in the details which were not helpful to them or their husbands.


Am I Really Supposed To Forgive Him?

When dealing with a betrayal of this nature– something so personal and so intimate—forgiveness is not easy for even the godliest of women. In this session, Michelle and Jenna talk about forgiveness being a daily action that is motivated by an intentional response of the heart and how to move from anger, hurt, disbelief to forgiveness. Does a wife have to forgive her husband if he is unrepentant? Is forgiveness only for the offender?


How Do I Move From Forgiveness To Trust?

What important and critical steps need to happen for a woman to trust her husband after sexual betrayal? How can a woman learn to trust while still protecting herself from potentially being hurt again? Both Connie and Jenna came to learn that forgiveness is not a “one and done.” Jenna falsely believed that once her husband’s addiction was exposed and forgiveness was extended, she could trust him with her heart again.


What Can I Do To Take Care Of Myself?

Probably one of the most important and yet difficult things for a woman to do once she’s discovered sexual betrayal in her marriage is to take care of herself.  Often women are left feeling completely disheveled because the one person that vowed to love, cherish and build a life with them has forsaken that vow in a very serious way.  These women share that through many failed attempts they finally learned they had choices and that included finding themselves valuable.


What if He Relapses?

In this session, Connie and Stephanie talk about the difference between paranoia and discernment. They offer helpful insight on maintaining sanity when thoughts often turn into fear of potential relapse. It is not uncommon for the spouse of an addict to bring the history of their past into an unknown future. Stephanie and Connie talk about how women in these situations will need reassurances. They also discuss the destructive nature of black and white thinking. Recovery is a process–just like a journey.


What About The Kids?

Should you tell your kids about your husband’s addiction? This informative session helps you to shape a conversation with your kids that will be honest and leave them knowing that regardless of the challenge your marriage faces you are committed to them. Filled with wisdom and insight from three moms who have all been transparent with their children about the struggles in their marriages and their husbands’ lives. Learn age appropriate discussions and what those look like. Do you talk to the kids together as a couple or separately by gender?


How Do I Know If It’s Time To Move On?

What does moving on look like? Can a marriage be restored after separation? Does life really go on and can one find peace after divorce? All of these questions are answered from the perspectives of women who have been in each scenario. An in-depth session reveals when it may be necessary to separate from an unrepentant spouse. This is one of the hardest sessions in this series because no one wants to end up in this place but the reality is, some women will have to make this crucial decision, or like Michelle– their husbands will make it for them.


Not Married Yet?

Hear straightforward answers from three women who knew before marriage about their husband’s pornography addictions and why marriage wasn’t the answer. In this session, we focus on women who are not married and answer common questions like: Should I marry him?  Often these women believe like Michelle did that marriage would fix the problem–that God would give them a testimony to help others and they would live happily ever after.

The Recover Workshop comes with a 30 Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee. This experience will help you become proactive in breaking free from the rollercoaster of emotions that accompany every setback you face as it relates to being married to a man dealing (or not dealing) with sexual addiction. You will be able to experience peace in a way that actually feels like freedom regardless of someone else’s choices. We believe that you will be encouraged and strengthened by stories you can relate to, as you journey away from fear, anger, despair, isolation and into joy and freedom found through restored peace of mind.

“We’re ecstatic to have partnered with women vulnerable enough to share their stories – courageous and powerful as they are – to help others working through the kind of sexual betrayal that Recover addresses. I have always hoped to participate in a resource that articulates the often-overlooked trauma women experience as victims of sexual betrayal … and the reality of a new life – a better life – that exists beyond that despair. This is it. I guarantee it.” – Craig Gross, XXXchurch.com Founder

This is not about collecting something from you – this is all about an invitation to experience something for you. Seriously – if Recover doesn’t make a massive difference in the way you begin to think about and experience peace and healing on your journey, get in touch with us within the first 30 days, and we’ll completely refund the cost you paid for this workshop. Immediately. No strings attached, and no finagling. Just a few simple terms and conditions. Here’s to you on your journey to Recover.

the recover workshop


Recover Bundle


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Recover Bundle


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Why recover?

There is nothing like the Recover Online Workshop. This is the first interactive online experience of its kind for spouses dealing with sexual betrayal. Created specifically for YOU, a decade in the making — but the wait is now over!


The Recover Workshop is available for a one-time payment of $399.

You can also purchase both the Recover Workshop and the My Pilgrimage Workshop for just $499.

with the recover workshop, you receive:

  • All Four Modules of the Recover Workshop
  • The 10 Video Sessions (Recover Curriculum)
  • 9 Bonus Recover videos
  • Recovered By Hope Paperback Book + eBook
  • Recover Paperback Guidebook + eBook
  • Recover Groups (4 sessions of Recover Online Small Groups)
  • Bonus Materials


Register for the Recover Workshop now and get exclusive access to our additional online library. It’s our gift to you. This includes 3 full online video series (Married, Best Sex Life Now & Through A Man’s Eyes) to work through after Recover that will deepen your resolve and give you additional tools to help set you up for the “win.” In addition to the audio and eBooks that come with the video series – we’ll also include the eBooks: Touchy Subjects & Open.

Here’s to empowering you on the road to healing!

bonus 1

My Pilgrimage Preview: Help for the Man in Your Life

my-pilgrimage-previewWe honestly feel that the Recover Workshop will be so much more effective if both of you are seeking recovery and healing at the same time. We’re giving you a preview of our program for men who struggle with pornography or unwanted sexual behavior.

bonus 2

Touchy Subjects e-Book: Help for Parents in a Touchscreen World

touchy-subjects-ebookDealing with pornography and how it has affected your life should prepare you for conversations about sex with your kids, but many people still need guidance. This book offers 28 practical principles to help you begin conversations with your kids on these touchy subjects.

bonus 3

OPEN e-Book: Get Excited About Accountability and Learn Why You Need It Too

open-ebookAccountability is not just for your spouse. It is for you too. Accountability is not about someone watching your every move. Accountability is about deep relationships, and a support system where someone or multiple someones can be your advocate, and champion you towards your goals. This exhaustive three-part book will leave you excited about accountability!

bonus 4

We’re Better Together: Walk Alongside Other Women in our Private Facebook Group

recover-facebook-groupWe don’t believe that this recovery journey is meant to be taken alone. When you sign up for Recover, you’ll get immediate access to our private Facebook group. Take the opportunity to connect with other women on the road to recovery and be encouraged on your journey toward healing and wholeness.

bonus 5

Through a Man’s Eyes Workshop: Discover How Men See Their World

through-mans-eyes-workshopA video series with Craig Gross & Shaunti Feldhahn. This series will help you as a wife and as a mother raising boys to understand the visual make-up of men. Let us be very clear that this is NOT to excuse your husband’s behavior (porn/sex addiction) but rather to give you a deeper understanding of the wiring of men and the boys you may be raising. The series includes the audiobook version of Through a Man’s Eyes, plus audio books for the best selling titles For Women Only and For Men Only.

bonus 6

Married Workshop: An Online Marriage Enriching Experience

married-workshopYou may not feel like attending a marriage conference right now, so here you have something similar in your online library that you and your spouse can watch together in the privacy of your own home! This online experience is meant to help you figure out how to handle all the ups, downs, and slow, gradual slopes of sharing your life with someone. Watch at your own pace and use the supplemental materials offered in this section for an even more meaningful experience. Over 3 hours of content + 2 free e-books.

bonus 7

Best Sex Life Now Workshop: Learn How to Recover What Was Once Broken

best-sex-life-now-workshopIt may seem impossible after discovering sexual betrayal in your marriage that you can even have a normal sex life again, let alone great sex. But, just as you’ve seen in the Recover series, there are marriages that not only survive porn and sex addiction through a systematic process of repentance and recovery, but there are marriages that go on to thrive! If you and your spouse are walking the road of restoration together and you want to find a deeper understanding of intimacy that can lead to a great sex life together, this video series featuring Craig & Jeanette Gross of XXXchurch and Dave & Ashley Willis of Stronger Marriages is for you!